Seller services in Los Gatos and Silicon Valley

Seller expertise

Work with a top producer

First, as a top producer, I am constantly involved with sales throughout the year. The advantage for you is that I have a deeper market knowledge than other agents, including a better understanding of the buyer pool and performance of micro-neighborhood markets. I use my extensive knowledge to better inform the sales process during your home sale.

Second, I’ve built a strong reputation with local agents, with vendors, and in the community. What do my professional relationships mean for your home sale? A higher initial interest before it goes on market, a stronger marketing rollout when put on market, and a smoother closing process.

The third benefit, and overall theme, is that I have the most area experience. I am better able to find market advantages, protect you during the transaction, and offer solutions to any issues that might arise. Each home sale has a different set of goals and problems to solve for, and I’ve worked on hundreds throughout the years.

Initial Consultation and Pre-Market Preparation

It’s important to start with clear and open communication. It sets the tone for entire process, making sure everyone is on the same page, and ensures that at the end my clients’ goals are met.

I start by:

  • Discussing your motivations and expectations

  • Reviewing a Comprehensive Market Analysis

  • Walking through the house

  • Advising on pre-listing inspections and reviewing findings

  • Collaborating on a listing calendar and timeline

  • Strategizing for a faster sale and a strong selling price

Full Staging

I understand how important first impressions are to potential buyers. For most listings, part of the marketing budget allows for full home staging at no cost to you. This includes design, set-up, and removal. 

I also provide interior and landscaping design recommendations. In today’s competitive market, the small house details (lighting, hardware, paint, etc.) can make a house really stand out, resulting in fewer days on market, attracting more buyers, and greater return on value.


Strategic Marketing

Pre-Market Networking
Being a top area listing agent for the past three decades, means I have a large professional network where buyers’ agents come to me with their clients and agents want to work with me to cultivate their relationship. I stay in contact with my network with “coming soon” listing emails. 

Professionally Designed Brochures, Postcards, Email Promotion
My in-house market and design team helps showcase your house and get in front of the potential buyers. Local email campaigns bring awareness to top area agents I have built long-standing relationships with. 

Online Promotion and Virtual Tour Website
I put your house in front of where buyers start their search: online. Some of the biggest are Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, LuxuryHomes.